Zesttech Call For Shipping Quotation

call for shipping quotation590

This module will allow you to provide your special registered customer a special shipping rate after mutual discussion with your customer.At the time of checkout it asks the customer to call you on the provided details and can ask you for a better shipping rate on the basis of the purchase or on the basis of number of items purchased etc.In this way you can give your privileged customer a special shipping rate meant for that particular registered customer only which can be used a specific number of times and between two specific dates only.

Customers can call you to get a quotation for shipping. You can add a Call For Shipping option in the checkout where if selected it will show a custom number and message on the checkout page. You can highlight this shipping function by altering one of 3 conditions within the Call for quotation module.

Cart weight
Cart Price
Cart Quantity

Once a price is agreed then the admin would be able to add a special shipping rate for that particular customer via the Manage customer shipping tab.