Spacifi Marketplace Multi-Vendor Magento 2 Extension


Do you want to expand your business by switching your existing Magento store to a multiple-seller marketplace? And a Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento 2 is an effective solution to make this. With integrating this Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension, your site will run effortlessly.

Spacifi Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento 2 will run your business effortlessly with our unique features:


See the seller’s profile.
The user can view all the details on the particular product by the seller.
Ability to check the availability of stocks of the product from the seller.
Ability to view and compare prices from several vendors for a single product.
Buy products from the different seller shops.

Ability to approve, disapprove and delete sellers in the admin panel.
Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.
Allow the seller to select for enabling the social media fields on Seller’s Profile page.
Admin will allow product types that sellers/vendors can add.
Admin can choose to auto-approve products or not.
Admin can delete, change status ( approve/disapprove) and edit seller products.
Admin can allow the seller to add related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products from seller’s panel.
Admin can configure SKU types of the product when sellers add a product in the admin panel.
Admin can configure for the chart in seller dashboard.
Different seller commission for each seller.
Set Seller Commissions by fixed or percentage type.
Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
Admin can manage all transaction of seller/vendor.

Seller can add a banner , shop logo.
Manage profile, product details, view commission, view order, payment transactions, and sale report.
Get instant notification about orders, products, and payment from admin.
Product Edit and Delete option on seller panel.
Manage sales report about their shop in their seller account.
The seller can manage the order from the front-end when approved by admin.
Seller / Vendor transaction report at seller panel.
Show recent order at vendor dashboard.
The seller will be notified by mail when the product is approved