SMS Confirmation for Order and Shipping – Magento Extension

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This SMS messaging extension for Magento provides the capability to send SMS messages to confirm customer orders and/or shipping information. With shipping period reducing up to same day delivery, an SMS message is likely read instantaneously, giving your customers peace of mind about their order and/or delivery information. You can also configure the extension to send SMS order notification to your fulfillment department.

The extension integrates the Twilio service API to deliver the SMS messages – so you need a Twilio account and phone number, which you can obtain at

Main Features:
Configure your store to send order confirmation to customer’s billing phone number or shipping phone number.
Configure your store to send shipping information to customer’s billing phone number or shipping phone number.
Choose to send SMS to customer phone number on either delivery address or billing address.
Configurable option to include or exclude specific countries from receiving SMS.
Support for multi-site and multi-store. Use different phone number for different Magento website or store.
All countries dial codes included out of the box.
An accessible history (an admin grid list) of all SMS messages sent to customers.
Configurable option to send yourself an order confirmation SMS message.

The SMS message template is designed as a transactional email. Since website administrators are familiar with setting up transactional emails, using this facility makes it easy to re-use the variables in order emails for the SMS messages.

The complete installation instructions and product documentation is available here: