Out Of Stock Subscription Extension

Out Of Stock Subscription

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User: outofstock
Password: outofstock@123

Major Key Features

  • Easy to install & manage
  • Enable/disable from backend
  • Allow the customer to subscribe for out of stock product.
  • Send emails to subscribed customers when product is back in stock.
  • Admin can see the list of subscribed customers, and can filter the subscribers product wise at Magento backend.
  • Admin can delete the customer from the subscription list.
  • Allow to set/change product stock notification email template.
  • Magento 1.4.x, Magento 1.5.x, Magento 1.6.x, Magento 1.7.x., Magento 1.7.x., Magento 1.8.x., Magento 1.9.x.


After you install and configure XHTMLJUNKIES Out Of Stock Subscription Extension, you will be able to see the out of stock subscription box in product detail page for those products which are out of stock. One can subscribe for those products & when those products come in-stock then subscribers will get mail. This extension will work for simple as well as configurable products.

This extensions allows the store owners to maintain contact with specific customer group by updating them about product(s) that have recently come back in stock. The stock alerts are sent only to those customers who have subscribed for certain products which are out of stock. On the basis of out of stocks subscriptions, the store owner can decide which products to open for sale and which are kept out of stock. This extension also helps them to keep a track of which products are getting below the threshold. Accordingly you can decide whether to keep them out of stock and encourage the customers to subscribe or to immediately refill the stock.

This extension also helps the store owners to regain the customers who have left their shopping carts abandoned as the product(s) is out of stock. Attract them to subscribe for those types of products and upon their availability, an out of stock alert is sent to them once the stock is updated.

This further allows them to refill the in-demand products and notify the subscribers about at the right time. Therefore, you will be able to cut cost by taking the right stock refill decision regarding the right products that your customers have subscribes for. Thus, shifting your gear just at the right time will get you sales and win new customers!

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