Order Tickets Pro

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A) Introduction – top

The extension Order Tickets Pro can create orders tickets, a communication channel between the Webmaster of your Website and the final buyer.
This extension allows you to:

  • Create order tickets and send them to the administrator / webmaster of your site.
  • Send a copy of the ticket created on the email to the buyer.
  • Allows the administrator to answer buyer’s messages.
  • Possibility of programming two CronJob that allows to send summaries of tickets by email.
  • Visibility Order tickets Pro from multiple interfaces (Customer, Orders and Order Tickets)
  • Translation of email templates in 5 languages (French, English, Spanish, German and Italian)

B) Some interfaces – top

1- Exchanges messages in the order page

Order Tickets Pro - 1

2- List Order tickets Pro from admin panel

Order Tickets Pro - 2

3- Admin ticket response from admin panel

Order Tickets Pro - 3

4- Show order tickets from customer profile

Order Tickets Pro - 4

5- Show order tickets from order details

Order Tickets Pro - 5

6- Configuration interface

Order Tickets Pro - 6

7- Email sent to admin since cronjob

Order Tickets Pro - 7

8- Copy of the order ticket sent to the customer

Order Tickets Pro - 8

C) Installation – top

Clear Cache store under var/cache and cookies to store your field. This step removes almost all potential problems.

Download and unzip the contents of the extension on your computer and navigate inside the extracted folder. You will find the following

  • Documentation : Documentation extension Order Tickets Pro
  • Licensing : Contains the license for the extension Order Tickets Pro
  • Order_Tickets_Pro-Files : The source code to upload in Magento Connect Manager

Two methods for installing the Order Tickets pro module :

  • Method: Installing the module from Magento Connect Manager :1. Log on Magento connect manager interface and upload the order_tickets_pro-1.0.5.tgz be in Order_tickets_Pro-Files.

    2. Click upload to complete the installation of the extension Order Tickets Pro

    3. Very important: remove or empty the cache Magento automatically from the administration or manually from / var / cache.

  • Second method: Manual Installation :1. Unzip the order_tickets_pro-1.0.5.tgz directory.

    2. If you use an interface and / or a custom theme (s) please change the path: app / design / frontend / [rwd] / [default] / template / and replace :

    Rwd : by the name of your interface

    Default : by the name of your theme

    3. Now copy the whole app directory and paste it in the root of your Magento project

Note : The module was developed with Magento 1.9 and is compatible on Magento 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x

D) Configuration – top

The extension configuration interface located in System> Configuration> Sales> Order Tickets Pro:

  • Administrator name : Full name of the system administrator or Webmaster
  • E-mail : email from the site administrator or Webmaster This email will be used for programming CronJob
  • Signature in the customer Email : the signature will be displayed at the bottom in the copy of the buyer’s ticket
  • E-mail template : this field is empty by default
  • Email customer confirmation : Choose to allow the sending of copies of orders tickets to buyers
  • 1 hour of sending Cron : must be a whole is sending time CronJob
  • 2 hour of sending Cron : must be a whole is sending time CronJob