Newsletter Popup Pro

It is win-win! Extension can be used to improve sales conversion rate and build newsletter subscribers’ list. Customer win: it will get discount for order. Shop owner win: better sales conversion rate and bigger subscribers’ list. By using this method subscriber list could be improved up to 300%+. Probably it is the best method to build your newsletter subscribers’ list.

How it works? It will show popup, one time per customer, with subscription form
and with suggestion to subscribe and get a free discount coupon code, for it (e.g. 5 euro.).
If customer has a small discount coupon there is a bigger chance that customer will finish the
order. Also you will have a customer email and will be able to send newsletters with new offers.

There are a lot of great features and that makes it special! It’s multi-popups extension you will be able to create unlimited amount of popup and show them in different places. Extension comes with 3 different responsive popup themes, easy to change popup colors and translate popup content via admin panel. It is working with multi-stores and multi-languages shops. This extension is using default magento shopping cart price rules so all discount codes will work without any changes in cart and checkout.

The method is tested and widely use. Extension is compatible with mailchimp email service!


It’s easy to manage popups. There is possibility to set the pages, stores, and parameters. For example: General Store >> Checkout Page >> If the customer came from AdWords.


There is possibility to create unlimited quantity of popups and show them in different places.

Unique Discount Code

Extension is using default magento feature “Shopping cart price rules” for code generation. There is possibility to use discount conditions.

Additional popup fields

There is possibility to create additionals fields. This will help you to get more information about customer.

Popup delay time

Extension has popup delay function. Don’t show popup immediately after page was loaded. Better practice is when customer sees first your store and only than sees popup window.

Show coupon instant

There is possibility to show coupon code instantly after subscription (Optional)