Multi-Product Slider (Responsive)

multi product slider

Cartin24 creates an extension for Magento to display MULTI-PRODUCT SLIDER (RESPONSIVE) for all types of products in the required categories of Magento website. It is device and browser compatible, can add multiple sliders on one page. Products Slider appearance can be easily managed by admin from back-end settings. Options provided in the back-end enables the admin to choose appearance and behavior of slider such as number of products to display (Desktop, tablet, mobile), product types, max items quantity, slider title, option to hide product title, product image, product price, Add to cart button, Product review, control slider speed, loop, auto-play, show control/navigation, to set equal height for all grid items, to set limit for characters of product name etc.

Features in Brief

  • Displays products under specified categories in slider
  • Device and browser compatible
  • Install product slider on any page
  • Can add multiple sliders on one page
  • Can provide individual settings for each slider
  • Can set equal height for all product grid items by providing proper minimum height
  • Can set limit for characters in product name
  • Supports all product types
  • Advanced settings let you control slider appearance and behavior
  • Add directly to the CMS Page / Static Block, Layout/XML files, Template/.phtml files

How to install Multi-Responsive Product Slider Extension

You can install this extension very easily through the following steps:

Upload the files to your store
Go to System > Cache Management > Click button Flush Magento Cache
Logout out and re-login
To Enable the “Multi-Responsive Product Slider” extension, go to System > Configuration > Product Slider Settings

Note: Make sure that you disable compilation before installing the extension. System > Tools > Compilation page and click on Disable button. After the installation, you can enable compilation back.