Medma Disable Customer Registration

disable customer 590

The Extension disables the functionality of Customer registration in Magento and can also disable the Guest checkout, if required. It can be very useful in cases where Admin wants to create account for customers and do not want to show the default Registration form & link on his Magento store.


No core file changed.
Admin can disable customer registration form, direct link for registration page and guest checkout functionality.
Admin can change settings differently on multiple store websites.
Admin can restrict user registration on Registration Page and Checkout Page separately.
Customers can not access direct url for account creation in Magento store.

This extension will not affect the below functionality:
1. Admin will always be able to register new customers from the Magento Admin area.
2. Existing customers will always be able to login, shop and checkout in the store.

Supported Features:

Works on Magento ver 1.9
Works on multiples store and websites
Works on Magento 1.6 and above


Install Extension Using Magento Connect
Log out from admin and log in admin again.
Navigation to System > Configuration -> Medma Disable Registration> Settings to enable extension for any store you need

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