Masta – Baby Shop Responsive Magento Themes

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Latest version – 1.1 : Released on July-09-2017 | Changelog


Masta – Baby Shop Responsive Magento Themes is one of the most flexible and specially designed themes which suitable for fashionable, powerful, sweet and elegant websites.
These themes are designed in intelligent and beautiful with the product placement centered on it, so by the way it wil attracte the attention of many customers, even the most demanding customers.


Certainly, Masta Theme Baby Shop will be one of the perfect themes for you and it will meet the hot trending experience in theme markets now.

If you are searching themes baby shop , you can visit it the website of us to select unique, sophisticated and quality themeforest. The product has the corefearture as follows:

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Unlimited Colors :

All of themes of us allow you to user variety colors, this mean you can freely use some different colors according to your desire, workneeds and industry characteristics.

Mega Menu :

This is a format menu from the custom horizontal menu, its call the “Product Categories”, which grafted into the custom horizontal menu, the level 1 drop-down menu and the table menu will appear immediately. The menu function is very useful for someone who usually making a website without 2 columns, or the home page does not have 2 columns and do not want to do horizontal menu products.

Tabs Category Slider :

A plugin will help customers easily to create a widget with different tabs: popular posts, popular tabs, recent tabs, and some tabs, popular tags on that website (Tags Tab).

Sticky Headers :

This is the header of the blog / website is capable of sliding along the screen as the user scrolls up and down, making the user experience better by improving navigation and interactivity.

AJAX cart, wishlist, compare :

It consider as a technology to help us create dynamic web without completely reload the page so it will give you an smooth and beautiful page.

Ajax price filter :

This is a very useful feature that allows users to create a fairly costly filter. It’s really need in some magento ecommerce solutions, themes baby shop.

Built with HTML5 and CSS3:

These are two very popular website design platforms with powerful features and smoother interface.

Social bookmarks for products :

Not only helping increase blog traffic, pushing keyword rankings for your website but also searching for customers, enhancing your brand…

“New” and “Sale” badges :

This is one of very useful tools because it will automatically give you some kind of badge depending on your choice.

Integration with Cloud Zoom :

This feature can help you easily add images that can be zoomed into the site.

Integrated Google fonts :

This feature will give users more than 600 different fonts to use on their website, so you can easily choose the font that you like the best.

LESS files supplied :

Using the LESS files supplied are simpler than others, it’s also more beneficial for the users.

Optimized Search Engine :

The process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid results, better reach the user.

Crossbrowser Compatible :

This feature allows you to test your websites or applications in a variety of browsers. I’m sure, it will works consistently and intuitively without any constraints or dependencies.

Optimized & well-structured code :

Optimized code allows for reduced capacity, limited input / output, increased execution speed, and reduced hardware requirements.

Psd files included :

This is great photo editing software for you because graphics are so great to easily edit or make the interface more beautiful that you hope.

Responsive design retina, Bootrap 3, Retina Image :

This software makes its interface compatible with different screen sizes.

Currency switcher as select box and flags bar :

You will not take much time when you want Currency switcher as select box and flags bar with our themes!

We will definitely provide you with the best products and useful web features. Wish you a happy shopping!

Change log :

------------ VERSION - 1.1 released : July-09-2017 ------------
[+] Fix bug mega menu home page 3.
[+] Fix bug responsive mobile, tablet all page.
------------ VERSION - 1.0.0 released : April-24-2017 ------------
[+] Initial Release.