Marketz Pro – Custom Options – Addon


Cartin24’s Custom Options enable the magento product custom option feature at seller side which is very useful when seller or vendor wants to create the custom option for their product. This add-on support price dependent custom option also support price independent i.e seller can put options which are dependent on price also support all the native custom options feature which magento support.

This module is an add-on of Marketz Pro Extension. To use this module you must have installed first Cartin24 Marketz Pro Extension


  • Fully dynamic custom Options creation
  • Support all input type
  • Multiple custom option possible with type like dropdown, input
  • Dynamic custom option creation for sellers product
  • All the features of Magento custom options at vendor panel by which seller / vendor can create and update product with custom options
  • Seller can add an additional option for their products

Create custom options

The seller can add new product from “Add product” tab. After filling all the required field, at the bottom there comes an option for “custom option”. Now the seller can select the “title”, “input type” which can be drop-down, radio buttons, etc. After setting the custom option, it appears with the product.