Magento Store Credit

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How “Store Credit Magento 1” supports you:

Magento Store Credit Extension brings in an ideal method to enhance the customer relationship for the business by many activities such as Adding Credit or Refund Customers by Credit. Customers and their friends can use them when purchasing in your stores. Even they can recharge their credit account one time then pay with store credits in the future purchase.


The construction of this extension is so simple. It includes 2 steps:

  • The first is when customer purchase credit products or they are added credit.
  • The other step occurs when customers use credit to purchase normal products, in this step, they are able to share with their friends. 



Features Detailed: Add some credit numbers to your customers’ account to create motivation of future purchasing.

Add some credit numbers to your customers’ account to create motivation of future purchasing.

Add some credit numbers to your customers’ account to create motivation of future purchasing.

In a smart way, you can return their order value to their credit accounts.

The other way, besides being added, customers have the option of buying your store credit. In this case, you could recharge accounts one time and use them as an alternative payment method for the future purchasing.

Moreover, customers are also able to share with friends regardless whether those friends have account at your store or not

Overall, Store Credit Extension allows users to get access to many details credit reports to measure the effectiveness and view other details on your program.


For Customers

  • Purchase credit
  • Send credit to friends both in Customer dashboard & on Store Credit Detail page (New)
  • Use credit to pay for their purchases on the website
  • Spend credit on tax and shipping fees
  • Allow canceling to use credit on Shopping Cart page and Checkout page
  • Check balances and transaction history
  • Customers can see whether a credit code has been used
  • Restore redeemed credit/ Subtract earned credit when order is refunded
  • Get notification emails when updating balance or sending credit, etc.

For Admin

  • Add credit for Customers
  • Refund Customers by credit
  • View transaction history of Customers using credit
  • Configure whether Customers can spend credit on tax or shipping fee
  • Configure and manage many types of credit products
  • Send notification emails to Customers
  • Send email when admin add/subtract Customers’ credit value
  • Allow configuring Title color & background on My Credit page


  • Support multi currencies & multi languages
  • Support API and other modules
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface