Magento SMS Alerts

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In Magento it is by default that when a customer will place an order at that time Order Email will be triggered to customers and also to store admin as well. Now days instead of Email people are more comfortable with SMS. To enhance this feature we have developed this module, which will trigger SMS on every Order event.This is helpful to store admin to improve customer experience. Customer can get update with SMS directly. Also, people give more priority to SMS instead of Emails. Along with this module you need to purchase one of the SMS provider services as per your requirement so we will integrate that provider’s API with our module with free of charge.

After Installing extension’s admin can set different SMS template for Order Success SMS, Invoice create SMS etc. In SMS template you can use Dynamic variables like {{var customerName}}, {{var ProductName}} etc. Also It is very easy to enable or disable SMS for particular order events. The extension also supports SMS text in different languages.

SMS Alerts provides below features :

  • We have given generic structure to this module. This module is compatible with almost 99% of SMS gateways available all over the world.
  • We will make changes in the module as per your SMS Provider.
  • Store admin can create SMS templates as per store view.
  • Module is fully functional to work with multiple store and multiple website.
  • The module is with clean code, and fully extensible and tested with Magento 2 coding standards.
  • We are providing Integration of our module with some kind of SMS Provider. Once you purchase the module provide us your Magento installation detail, we will install the module and configure it for you without free of charge.
  • You can purchase any of the SMS Gateway, we will make it work with our extension.
  • We are developing many other features to this extension, You will get lifetime free updates for this extension.

Documentation is available here