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Many retailers today run a loyalty program pertaining to reward points to retain customers. If they just gave reward points for their customers manually, it would be a huge amount of work to be completed. Thus, various e-commerce software packages are now in need of the feature of reward points.

If you want a perfect loyalty program for your e-business based on the Magento 2 open-source, you probably don’t want to miss our magnetic Reward Points Extension. The standard edition of the extension will not only help you reduce all the workload of managing reward point balance but also allow you to implement your refund programs by points as you want.

How could Reward Points Plus for Magento 2 benefit you?

– Configure earning points

Reward Points Plus for Magento 2 allows your customers to gain points for each transaction at your store.

With several simple steps, you can set up reward points the conditions to apply for all customers. But not for all of them, you also want to configure points per transaction for each special customer? Just by changing Money Spent For Orders and Earning Points, you can make it exactly what you want.



In addition, you can also add various earning rates at the same time with different levels of priority. What’s more, setting the validation period for the total points of customers and holding back their points are useful features of the Standard edition of Magento 2 Reward Points Plus.

– Configure Spending points

Want to improve your customers’ experiences with reward points program?

Make it simpler for them at Checkout page by allowing them to flexibly choose the total points spent on each order.

And Magestore Reward Points Plus extension for Magento 2 helps them easily configure their spending points in 3 ways: moving the slide forward/backward; clicking on the Minus/Plus icons or typing the exact numbers they want to use.


In the backend, admin can also do the configuration conveniently by setting up the rates of points to be redeemed and the maximum or the minimum number of points allowed for each order.

\– Manage Reward Points Balance

Reward Points Plus for Magento 2 also enables customers to keep track of their full information in their points wallet such as current point balances, point transactions right on the top link.


They just need to go to My Account -> My rewards or simply click on the top link, below their account name.

\– Manage Point Transactions

In the backend of Magento 2 Reward Points Plus, admin can easily view all points transactions information such as Customer, Point Amount, Points Used,…

\– Customers’ Points Adjustment

It is easy for admins to add or abstract points from customers’ balances manually in the backend of Magento 2 Reward Points Plus module.

\– Spending points while creating orders

When creating orders for customers, admin can use points for shoppers’ purchases in the backend by various ways:

+ Pulling slider

+ Entering exact numbers customers want

+ Ticking the box of Maximize discounts with points.

\– Refund by points

Making a refund for customers by points instead of money now will be the beneficial strategy for retailers. With the function Refund by points of Reward Points Plus extension, you can easily keep your money and help customers save points for their future orders.

\– Import/ Export Points

Magento 2 RewardPoints Plus extension helps import and export CSV files of customers’ point balances to and from the system.


The CSV Import plugin goes with a sample CSV file. You can refer to it for help in formatting you own file.


In addition, admin can also update new point balances and migrate data from other points system to your current Magento Reward Points Plus extension.


Full feature list

Earning Points Configuration

  • Set up the condition for Customers to get reward points each time they purchase
  • Set many earning rates with different priority levels
  • Set the validation period for earning points
  • Choose to hold back points from Customers for some days

Spending Points Configuration

  • Allow Customers to choose how many points they want to spend on the Shopping cart and Checkout pages
  • Set the rates at which Customers can redeem their earning points in backend
  • Configure the minimum number of points to be redeemed or the maximum points that can be allowed to use for an order

Import/Export Points

  • Allow admin to import and export Customers’ point balances in CSV file format directly to and from Reward Point Plus system.
  • View reward point balances information of existing Customers and export data to XML or CSV format.

Reward Points Balance Management

  • Allow Customers to track their current point balance in My Account > My rewards

Point Transactions Management

  • Allow admin to view all point transactions of the System (Customer, Point Amount, Points Used, etc.)
  • Points Spending While Creating Order in Backend
  • Allow admin to add or deduct points from Customers’ balances manually in backend.

Refund by Points

  • Allow Admin to give points back to Customers instead of making a refund


  • Fully compatible with Magento 2 One Step Checkout
  • Support multi website and multi store view

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