Eu Cookie Alert Magento2 extension

Eu Cookie Alert Magento2 extension - 1

Extension Overview

If you are part of the EU or live in the Europe, you are very well aware of the new cookie law which has been implemented couple of years ago. There is also a law on how a cookie can be used on a website. There are essential cookies which we generally see on different pages of the website like used in shopping carts etc. but you also have non-essential cookies which can only be used after gaining permission.

For instance, there are different tracking or analytics that one uses for their website like Woopra, Google Analytics etc. you need to take permission from the user before tracking them. There are many such essential cookie law that is in implementation but no one really knows what is allowed and what is not. It is advisable to be on the safer side as the fine for breaking this law is pretty big for the owners of the website who do not adhere to the law.

EU Cookie Alert Module is a Magento cookie extension, which helps you obey with the EU Cookie Law. It’s easy to setup and it really blocks cookies unless they’re allowed to set. Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including an ‘Accept Cookies’ button. Visitors can change their preferences at any time via the cookie shortcut at the bottom of the page, which also shows their current preference. Cookie Alert Module works great on tablets and mobile phones.

  • Compatible with all modern browser
  • Easy to setup
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPad
  • Flexible color scheme
  • Easy backend settings