Css Magician Magento2 extension

What is this ?

Css Magician is a WYSIWYG editor so What You See Is What You get to edit the css styles of your store.
Customize the look of your Magento 2 front end store without technical knowledge.
You can to use it with any themes.
Customize, Fonts, Colors,  Backgrounds, buttons, positions and more in minutes.
Simply Click and Customize using Visual Editor tools.

How to use it ?

Css Magician can be used by non technicals users to modify the look of a Magento 2 theme.

You can change what you want and immediately see the result and it run for all themes.

Perhaps you are not satisfied with the look of your store or it does not conform to your graphic charter.

So it is necessary to change its appearance but you do not know how.

Css Magician use a Visual Editor with visual tools to change colors, fonts, sizes, etc … without technical knowledge.

You simply move the mouse over an item, click the item you want to change and choose in the tools offered by css magician what you want to change (color, text, size etc …).

You see immediately what you do. No need to know how to code. No need to contact a design agency.

You are doing exactly what you want without spending extra money.

Themes Manager

With Css Magician you can also create several themes design and choose which one you want to present to your customers.

You can create themes for special events like Christmas, Easter or Halloween. And display the desired theme whenever you want with a simple click.

So with Css Magician you can adapt the look and feel of your store as you want and when you want.

How it works ?

If your are an administrator of the store, Css Magician add a Tab on Upper Right corner in your Front end store. This is the WYSIWYG css editor.

Simply click with the mouse on an element you want to update and choose what you want to modify (colors, font etc…)

You can change:

* colors
* Fonts
* Add background images
* Blocks size
* Blocks margins
* Buttons
* Position
* Shadow
* etc…

Css Magician use color picker, fonts picker, sliders and texts fields to edit all css properties of a selected element.

Example of use

Place the mouse over a product name and click on it. The product name is selected. You open the Css Magician Tab and choose to update the Font color of that element. You click on the color picker associated to the font color and select which color you want to use. When you move the mouse over the color picker you immediatly see the result on the selected element.

When you are satisfied of the chosen color, you can save it.

Does it modify Magento 2 Files ?

No it overwrite anything.
At any time you can back to your original theme because it only create new css file.
And you can create severals themes and choose which one to display with a simple click.
You publish your work when you want. Until your work is not published, it is not displayed to your visitors.

Perhaps you are an advanced user or want to learn CSS ?

In that case, you can use the css inspector include with css magician.
The Css inspector found all the css rules applied to an element and are displayed in a css editor.
So you can update the css properties in the editor and immediatly see the result.

Back End Demo

login: demo

password: demomagician1

Go to Content -> Themes (you can not create a theme or update)

Front End Demo

In a real store, the css magician is only available for administrator (your visitors do not see it)

In the demo all save functions are disabled.