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Webinse AJAX Catalog

Webinse Ajax Catalog extension provides automatic Ajax loading catalog content without reloading page, which in many times increases speed of loading items to catalog. You can choose one of 2 loading modes you like, and additional useful features will make your visitors staying at the site long and pleasant.

When the user gets to the end of current content, the extension begins to load the next portion of content and while processing shows user loading animation. When the user clicks on some product, Ajax catalog will remember the position and bring back directly to the same place after user watched product details.

The button “up” and “down” will make it convenient to navigate through the catalog. Floating toolbar will make its features available everywhere through catalog.

Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them.


  1. Two types of content loading
  2. Full customization of all displayed elements
  3. “Up” button that will take you to the top of the page after long scrolling
  4. “Down” button will back you to place where “up” button was clicked
  5. Floating toolbar
  6. After viewing product details, return to the spot you stopped in the catalog, no need to scroll through catalog again
  7. How to Install the Extension

    Follow our Magento 2 Extension Installation Guide

    Administration & Configuration

    All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, require little time to install and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

    Version and Compatibility

    Ajax Catalog Extension version 1.0.0 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 2.0.0-2.1.7 and guaranteed to work with Magento default theme.

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