Advanced Site FAQ

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Cartin24 creates an extension for Magento which displays topic wise FAQ listing in our website which enhances user experience and simplifies user navigation process. Customer can ask their questions via a form appeared in FAQ page. Questions will be submitted only after a captcha verification process. Admin will review the questions and give replies to the questions and then publish it in the front end.
Once the Question is approved it will display along with the previous set of questions in FAQ page under corresponding FAQ topic. FAQ search feature enables specific keyword search for FAQs which shows keywords not only in questions but also answers. Frontend FAQ page can be easily customized from backend settings.

Front-end Features

  • Contains a custom top menu link in header which redirects to FAQ Page
  • The FAQ Page contains a left menu of FAQ topics. On selecting a particular topic, FAQs belonging to that topic will be listed
  • FAQs are displayed as Accordion menu (Expanding the ‘Question- Answer’, when clicked on subject of the question)
  • Contains FAQ Search form for searching keywords in question as well as answer
  • Contains a form for customers to ask their queries
  • Question will be submitted after the captcha field verification
  • Customer question will be displayed in frontend if and only if the question is approved by admin from backend
  • When customer submits a question, a notification mail will be send to admin and also a confirmation mail to that customer
  • Faqs are listed in lazy loading method.Faq list gets expanded on “Load More” button click
  • “View All” button lists all available Faqs under that particular topic

Back-end Features

  • Site FAQ menu for managing FAQs (It contains, Manage Topics, Manage FAQs, Settings)
  • Admin can add topics of FAQs which will be displayed as left menu in frontend
  • Admin can view list of FAQ Details
  • Admin can give replies to the Questions
  • Answer field is a WYSIWYG editor which enables uploading of images too
  • Once question is answered (approved) or declined, a notification mail will be send to the corresponding customer
  • Notification mail will be send if and only if customer notification is enabled by admin