Advanced Product Q & A

prodt faq

Product Q & A is a simple and useful Magento extension that helps customers ask questions about a product from the ‘product view’ page, and lets the admin manage an FAQ for each product in its product page. It gives admin the complete control in managing the customer inquiries and list of questions and answers given on the product page. Product Q&A is using prototype and hence conflict-free.

Usually, customers hesitate to buy products online, if they have doubts about several factors including its quality, pricing, shipping, etc. The normal FAQ section is not sufficient in an ecommerce website since it deals with countless products in numerous categories. The questions related to each product or category will be different from another one. Product Q&A is the best solution to overcome this limitation of your Magento ecommerce website. It simply makes your website more interactive and user-friendly, and thus helps in increasing the sales.

How it works?

Product Q&A allows a user to ask questions about a particular product from its ‘product view’ page. There will be a form in “Q&A” tab using which users can send queries to the admin which can be seen at “Product Q&A => Manage Product Questions” section in the back-end. After reviewing the question, Admin can answer it and permit the viewer to see it in Q&A tab in ‘product view’ page. If the question is irrelevant, admin can delete it.

Features in Brief

  • Allows customers to ask question about a product from the product view page
  • You can format texts and can add links and attachments to the answer
  • Captcha in frontend (To block spam users)
  • Facility to add product FAQ through back-end
  • Shows the FAQ of a product in the product view page
  • Permits admin to change headings of Question Form and FAQ
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Uses prototype and hence no conflicts
  • Easy to install and manage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enables Management through backend

How to install Product Q&A

You can install this extension very easily through the following steps:

Upload the files to your store
Go to System > Cache Management > Click button Flush Magento Cache
Logout out and re-login
To Enable the “Product FAQ” extension, go to System > Configuration > Product FAQ Settings.

Note: Make sure that you disable compilation before installing the extension. System > Tools > Compilation page and click on Disable button. After the installation, you can enable compilation back.

How to use Product Q&A

Front-end (For Customers)

Ask questions about a product by submitting queries using the form shown in the product view page.

Back-end (For Admin)

  1. Make the Product Q&A Settings right by taking “System > Configuration > Product FAQ Settings”.
  2. Manage the questions from the frontend by taking the “Product FAQ => Manage Product Questions”. Here you can answer/delete a question.
  3. The answer can be sent to the users through mail or can be displayed on the product view page.